Sweeney Oil Deli Counter – Freshly made Sandwiches in-store

We source the best quality ingredients for our homemade sandwiches in our Deli. The reason our customers come to our deli every day is that they know they can rely on friendly and fast service, quality fresh ingredients, carefully prepared in a clean and well-stocked deli. We hope you enjoy what we have on offer. We are constantly looking at new ideas and ingredients to offer you.

Hot food and some home cooked dinner

We know how hectic life is, work, family, extra curricular activities. Straight in from work and off to a hurling match or dance class. To make sure you stay fuelled for the day, we have a delicious range of hot dinners that will keep your energy levels up and are perfect for life on the go. You don’t need to miss out on dinner because you have no time to prepare one, just pop into us and we will look after you.

Fresh Tea/Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee is on offer in all our stores now. A  surprisingly smooth coffee that takes any moment and makes it that much better.